arm.ID.illo Bandz
The Must-Have Children’s Safety Product of 2010!

Welcome to the Arm.ID.illo Community

Every parent has experienced it – you’re in a crowded public place with your children – it could be a zoo, a ballpark, an amusement park, a tourist attraction or even the mall. Suddenly, you notice one less child. Instant panic, frantic fear and desperation quickly set in.

Arm.ID.illo bandz, the new, highly-visible children’s safety bracelet displays your child’s key contact phone number enabling others to immediately contact you and safely return your child to where he/she belongs. Arm.ID.illo bandz are constructed out of a durable, weatherproof, hypoallergenic material.

Each child safety band adjusts to fit little wrists and comes with a series of number "pupz™" allowing you to easily change the contact phone number displayed on the bracelet so your child's closest guardian is always only a quick phone call away.

While we can’t prevent their curious, excited young selves from slipping out of sight (no matter how we try), arm.ID.illo bandz will provide you and your children with greater peace of mind knowing that you be can contacted should your child ever become lost. Click here to learn more or Buy Your bandz Now.

Join us as we grow the arm.ID.illo community into a nationwide network focused on the safety of all children. You’ll be glad you did!